Data-centric Protection and Security: What are the Trends?

Data-centric protection and security focuses on the organization’s sensitive data (as opposed to its overall computer networks and applications). This is accomplished by locating, identifying, and cataloging sensitive data as well as by applying encryption, data masking, and policy-based data access controls (and end-user monitoring) to protect data residing across multiple enterprise environments.

To what extent are organizations adopting, or planning to adopt, data-centric protection and security practices? In a recent Cutter Consortium survey, Senior Consultant Curt Hall asked 50 organizations about their data protection practices to shed some light on this important question.

As shown in the figure below, more than a third (37%) of surveyed organizations currently have data-centric protection and security practices in place.

Data-centric security adoption

Does your organization currently have (or plan to implement) data-centric protection and security practices?


Says Curt Hall, “At first, this may not seem overwhelming (especially when one considers all the high-profile data breaches that continue to take place); however, other findings indicate that interest in data-centric protection and security is quite high. This becomes apparent when we consider plans among organizations that intend to implement data-centric protection and security practices in the near future (i.e., within the next 12 months) and those organizations ‘seriously investigating’ such practices.

“Overall, approximately 80% of responding organizations either already have data-centric protection and security practices in place, are planning to implement such practices within the not-too-distant future, or are actively investigating the possibility of establishing such practices. Just 14% of those surveyed have no plans whatsoever when it comes to establishing data-centric protection and security practices.”

Based on Cutter Consortium’s findings, it is apparent that current interest in data-centric protection and security is high, and we can expect a high rate of adoption in the future.

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Cutter Research: Cutter clients can find Curt Hall’s analysis of the data-centric protection and security survey data in a series of Data Analytics & Digital Technologies Executive Updates:

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